Painting flowers with Q-tips

Easy Kids Art project from Home!

4 steps to Paint a Hyacinth with Q-tips for a brush!

Step #1- The materials you will need are: colored construction paper, white paint and a Q-Tip. Paint the stems of 3 Hyacinths with the Q-Tip, make them look natural by adding a curve to the stems. You may have to go over the stems a few times.

Step #2- Still using white paint, add the petals , leaves and blades of grass to the painting. Let dry.

Step#3-With green paint and a new Q-Tip, paint over the white painting with the green. Let dry.

Step #4- Now you can add color to the Hyacinth petals. With 3 new Q-Tips, paint over the white petals in color, I used red, orange and blue. Let painting dry and mount with another color construction paper behind the painting!

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