My Story

When I moved into this 1700’s farmhouse decades ago, I dreamed of eventually using the barn as a gathering place to come for people to come and be creative together. Today, the barn proves versatile, housing team building events, kids art camps and workshop days, scout get-togethers, birthday parties and adult Paint and Sip nights. The barn provides a womb of inspiration.

The interior first floor of the barn is ready with easels and canvases and a table full of libations. The barn offers an atmosphere to get away from it all and for anyone to accomplish something they never thought they could. The excitement and laughter can be heard through the barn walls during painting parties where inhibitions are loosened and creativity flows, revealing the artist in all of us.

Now, realizing there is a need for an artist collective, I have added a My Community page to this website. This page highlights creative women we know working in the Bucks County area.

Art Education Projects

Artmobile’s STEAM exhibition, Marvelous Machines, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA.

Cynthia created the curriculum, geared toward a K-12 audience, to reinforce the hands-on displays led by our on-board Educator. Teacher Manuals, educational resources and in-service training support the integration of the Artmobile experience into school curricula. The exhibition integrates art, mechanical engineering, and physics into an interactive experience for all ages. Through a collaboration with the Mercer Museum, the exhibit presents historical examples of the six simple machines – lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw – then explores their use in elegant kinetic sculpture, whimsical pieces and conceptual artworks. Visitors will gain insight into the creative process in both art and science, understand the importance of play, risk-taking, and failure to drive discovery and innovation.

During our two-year tour of Marvelous Machines, Artmobile will welcome 35,000 visitors of all ages at 65 schools and a dozen public sites in Bucks County.

Kelly Ann Dolan Memorial Fund Mural at Tamanend Middle School, Central Bucks School District.

Cynthia helped a group of students design and create a mural in memorial of a former student. The school created the fund and continues to contribute. This mural was painted in the school gym by the midddle school students in the summer of 2019 to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the fund. Link to contribute to KADMF:

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