“If anyone is looking for amazing art classes for their kids you should definitely check out Art in the Barn. [My daughters] have done some unbelievable things over the past few months in the Saturday morning workshops. Art in the Barn by Cynthia Scott is incredible with them and her creativity is off the charts. The best part is I have LOADS of new artwork!” -Kelly B.

“My daughter has really loved your art classes. You have helped develop her love of art and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for putting together the After-School Art class for her and her friends. It was really great for her.” -Kate G.

“[My daughter] got in the car after knitting class together and said ‘MOM THAT WAS SO FUN’ and begged to knit until she got home. This was our favorite class yet!” Kristy H.

“My son has gained confidence in himself and his ability to develop new skills. He has also developed an interest in art and technique that he loves to share with others. I have also seen how much more engaged he is in his school art class. I am impressed with his ability to focus on detail and his excitement looking forward to Saturday art classes in the barn. Your art classes have been a wonderful environment to connect with new and diverse friends.” -Kathryn L.

“My very talented friend and neighbor runs amazing art camps for the kids. These are not basic construction paper crafts! You will be blown away by what they make.” -Denise A.

“The children’s programs at Art in the Barn are fantastic! I’m always amazed by the number and quality of projects the kids complete. The instruction is excellent and my daughter always has a lot of fun.” -Jessica D.

“[I] always feel like a new person when I leave the barn! Looking forward to the next event.” -Kristy H.

“I went to art camp in the summer when visiting my grandmother. I had a blast as a kid, and always felt welcomed. Cynthia taught us a wide range of skills. Many projects I still have at home today. My biggest takeaway was learning how to knit. I now knit hats, which is pretty cool, and a new hobby I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t have this experience. If you have kids and live in the community, I fully recommend her art workshops and camp. No skills needed, just a want to learn, have fun, and get crafty! I am now studying documentary photography at SCAD in Georgia.” -Hailey F., former camper

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