Cynthia Scott (of Art in the Barn LLC.), BFA. M.Ed. Artist and K-12 Certified Art Teacher. Cynthia teaches diversified, small group instruction through mixed media in her converted barn/studio.

Art makes an impact on children’s development. This visceral experience adds to their cognitive and critical thinking skills. So what does art improve?

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Working with scissors, paint brushes, sewing needles, glue, drawing tools, and other media increases children’s motor dexterity and tactile understanding.

Decision Making & Critical Thinking

Creating a design means making decisions. Children use critical thinking skills to figure out the best way for their art to make a visual impact, whether by placing a cut-out object on a collage, or deciding on a vibrant color. All of these decisions are made on their own.

Increased Self-Awareness & Awareness of Others

As children create their own art, there is time for introspection. Not only are children learning more about themselves, they are learning about and becoming more aware of others around them. Art also fosters self-confidence. We work with students on not only a physical level, but also on an intrinsic level!

Focus & Perseverance

Creating an art project from start-to-finish increases a sense of determination, focus, and “sticktoitivness”! Through this focus they are exercising the Zone of Proximital Development. Children also can develop an eye for detail.

Healthy Emotional Expressions

Creating art allows children to express feelings in a healthy way while also producing something that reflects those emotions through accomplishment.

I am impressed with his ability to focus on detail… He has at times been hesitant to enter new social situations and art has been a wonderful environment to connect with new and diverse friends!

Kate L.

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