Cynthia’s Work

Arts and Crafts Series collage shadowboxes (7″x 15″, x $95 each)
Cynthia’s collages featured at the Artwalk Gallery in Doylestown Hospital from December 1st, 2021-Febuary 28th, 2022.

Above: Cynthia featured in Bucks Arts Online Art Show publicity posts

I have always been a creative person, and as a child I loved to collect things. Collages are the perfect medium for me to showcase my collections. Growing up I was surrounded by artistic people and continually was engaged in art lessons.

Later, I studied at Tyler School of Art which led to a career in New York City as a Graphic Designer. After earning my graduate degree in Art education, I began teaching Art in numerous schools throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania. During this time, I was dedicating all my free time to creating art in my converted barn-turned-studio.

Recycled art has been a continual inspiration for me. Using fluid acrylic white paint, my newest collection is of framed objects tied together by a theme. My favorite things about this collection of collages is watching people’s curiosity being aroused as they view the tiny details of each work.

I am currently working on more collage collections including “The Beach Scavenger”, “Craft Room”, and “The Anglers Box.”

There are few things I love more than being able to share the creative process. People love to come and spend time in my studio in the barn, which has evolved into a welcoming environment for hosting children’s art camps and adult painting and craft-making sessions.

Cynthia’s work is part of the Arts and Cultural Council of Bucks County:

The Sewing Drawer (25″x25″, $500)
Tools of the Trade (25″x25″, $500)
Vanity Drawer #1 (15″x 25″, $250)
Vanity Drawer #2 (14″x 25″, $250)
The Builder’s Toolbox (22″x25″, $500)
Interior Designer (25″x25″, $500)

Please note, these are not available to ship. All pieces are original works. No duplications, prints, or recreations available at this time.

Please email Cynthia ( for pick-up arrangement.

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