Guest ArtistS

Here at the barn, we love collaborating and working with other artists and their mediums. Check our calendar of Events page for their next workshops in the barn!

Welcome Marissa Jacobs with “The Art of Ecology”!

The Art of Ecology is a Conservation & Environmental Education organization that focuses on building visual connections between people and nature through art and science, in order to create a deeper understanding, respect, and desire to protect the nature world. Marissa brings 5+ years of Wildlife Conservation art and teaching expertise, along with being an award-winning photographer and National Geographic Certified Educator, to The Art of Ecology. Learn more about The Art of Ecology, find an event she’s hosting, or to view/purchase some art today! A portion of all her art/event proceeds goes back towards wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental education efforts. Check the calendar of events page for her next workshop in the barn!

Welcome to Carole Lewis!

My name is Carole Lewis and I have worked as an Interior Designer for well over 20 years. My love of creating beautiful interiors is a life-long passion. I have recently discovered the need to express myself in a more personal way. My Art form is mixed media collage work.

Like my Interior Design, it requires composition, textures and a bit of nostalgia and whimsy. I enjoy collecting and making different themed compositions of my work. The pieces all go together like a puzzle for me into one singular piece. The pieces I create are timeless.

While working in Interior design I have formed a wonderful friendship and business relationship with Cynthia , together we have collaborated on many projects. Check our calendar of events for Carole’s next workshop in the barn!

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