Painting flowers with Q-tips

Easy Kids Art project from Home!

4 steps to Paint a Hyacinth with Q-tips for a brush!

Step #1- The materials you will need are: colored construction paper, white paint and a Q-Tip. Paint the stems of 3 Hyacinths with the Q-Tip, make them look natural by adding a curve to the stems. You may have to go over the stems a few times.

Step #2- Still using white paint, add the petals , leaves and blades of grass to the painting. Let dry.

Step#3-With green paint and a new Q-Tip, paint over the white painting with the green. Let dry.

Step #4- Now you can add color to the Hyacinth petals. With 3 new Q-Tips, paint over the white petals in color, I used red, orange and blue. Let painting dry and mount with another color construction paper behind the painting!

Texture Rubbings

This project is perfect for any age at all!

Step# 1- Look all around the house fun things with texture, I used a basket, a rug, a place mat, a tile, wood and a boot tray. Have fun on the hunt!

Step#2-Use the side of a crayon and sketchbook paper to rub over the texture. Cover completely.

Step#3- Paint over the rubbings using watercolors. Let dry.

  • Use the texture rubbing as backgrounds for drawings
  • Fold them and staple together to make a book
  • Laminate them and use as place mats
  • Frame the best one
  • Cut the textures into geometric shapes and make a collage
  • Layout cut similar sized shapes to form a paper quilt

Print Making With lines

Many famous Artists used lines to create their Artwork, like Wassily Kandinsky or Piet Mondrain! Have fun Creating your own Abstrct Art!

For Ages 6-16 (but anyone young at heart can do this too!)

Here is how to do it:
1. Cut several small pieces of corrugated cardboard roughly 4″-7″ long and 2″-4″ high with straight sides
2. Pour tempera paint on a flat tray, dip only 1 end of each of the cardboard pieces in the paint 
3. Lightly press the painted end on the paper and repeat to create an abstract design
4. You can use all the same colors and add watercolor or crayon later, or use mixed colors throughout!